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The market is constantly changing. Human tastes are evolving with new trends on the rise. If your business does not move with the change, you’ll most likely be left behind. Thanks to TikTok and other similar applications, the general attention span has reduced from 12 seconds to nine seconds, and people go the extra mile of paying good money for premium services just so they don’t have to deal with in-app ads. The competition is tough, so how then do we get our business the attention it needs to scale?

#1. Ranking your Business on Google My Business(GMB)

Listing and ranking your business on Google is a powerful tool you could use for your business. With a well ranked GMB, your business gains more visibility when people search for your business name or any closely related keyword, without spending money on running ads. As a small business owner, your main goal is to grow and expand by increasing sales and attracting more customers. A well ranked GMB, increases traffic and leads to higher conversion rates, turning visitors into paying customers.

#2. Google Ads

Google remains the largest search engine with over 40000 search queries every second. Running Google ads is a great way to target cold customers and bring your brand directly in front of people already seeking your product, thus narrowing the sales funnel for you. Although Google ads are very competitive and expensive, it’s very rewarding and can rake in massive results for your business,if you know what to do. You can also reduce advertising costs by implementing search engine optimization practices. With good SEO, your ad gets a higher quality score which lowers the bidding rate. Unlike video ads which can be annoying, Google ads are listed as search results at the top of pages and are not so intrusive. 

#3. SEO Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the intentional consistent creation and distribution of helpful, relevant content across interactive platforms as a way to promote awareness of a brand or product and drive sales. Content Marketing can be in the form of video campaigns, pictures, blog posts, podcasts etc. Content Marketing is great for long-term results, grows customer faith and aids lead conversions. When the content is search engine optimized, your business ranks better and your content is more conspicuous and accessible to new customers. 

Make high quality videos

Get creative

Have a posting schedule and be consistent

Interact with your audience

#4. Growing an Organic Social Media Following

Having a dedicated local audience could be one of the best things to happen to your business. Brands like Fenty, Apple that have loyal customers make sales without much advertisement and have ample support from their user communities during product launches. Growing an organic social media following allows for faster information dissemination, product sensitisation and market interaction with your brand or product. Most importantly, with a strong community, you can be sure of a steady income stream from returning customers and recommendations. 

#5. Take advantage of cold email pitching

This strategy, sometimes overlooked, remains one of the most effective marketing strategies especially for small businesses to gain paying clients. It is a way to initiate conversations and potential business relationships with prospective customers. Since it involves sending emails, you can decide to follow up with more messages and phone calls if necessary. However, care must be taken that the emails are relevant and not disturbing to avoid spamming and being blacklisted. Too frequent emails or pitches to a particular client would generate the opposite effect, making your business very undesirable to your prospect.

Here are a few tips for a successful email marketing campaign

  1. Create a list of potential clients and companies
  2. Research and compile the email addresses of the company heads or decision makers
  3. Make a short company introduction, not more than three sentences.
  4. Make sure the rest of the email is tailored to the pain points of your client and highlight how your services can help solve their problems. For this to work, it is better to personalize each email rather than use a one fits all template.
  5. After sending follow up with an email or call.
  6. Slowly build an email list over time.
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